Restaurant Porto

in Masuria



In the heart of Masuria, the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes in the picturesque Giżycko by the Łuczański Canal, there is located a Porto restaurant and hotel complex.


in Porto

The beginning of the Porto restaurant dates back to 2012. In addition to traditional dishes, we serve dishes from fresh Masurian fish. Our offer has been prepared for those who value fresh and delicious food. We also offer dishes for children and a play corner.


right by the water

We offer our guests rooms overlooking the Łuczański Canal, through which ships and sailing boats pass by. We have comfortable rooms with terraces for those who value peace. The convenient location of the restaurant is an additional asset for both residents and tourists. The air-conditioned and spacious restaurant room provides comfort for individual guests and larger families.

“The Chef recommends”

Masurian fish plate / 2 persons

vendace, pike-perch fillet, tench fillet, perch fillet, bream fillet, served with a double portion of French fries and crispy white cabbage



Perch fried in butter

beetroot noodles, roasted sunflower, fried sauerkraut, cumin



Juicy beef sirloin steak

served with garlic butter, French fries and crispy lettuce



Black tagliatelle with tiger prawns

with cream sauce, cherry tomatoes, parsley



Pike-perch fillet in a delicate shrimp sauce

with the addition of white wine, black rice / French fries with crispy white cabbage



Lettuce with crunchy perch

with pear, melon, pomegranate with the addition of black rice, sprinkled with basil oil



Pan-Fried Golden Trout with fresh dill and lemon

with roasted potatoes and crispy white cabbage



Beef Tartare

with cucumber, onions and bread



Soy noodles with chicken (gluten free dish)

leeks, onions, mushrooms, carrots, chives and peppers



Roasted duck (half a duck)

with apple and orange in balsamic-cranberry sauce on fried beetroots with French potato




To ensure the best quality of our dishes we use only non-injected meats from local suppliers.

Apartamenty Porto

Komplek gstronomiczno-noclegowy Porto. Zapraszamy!


tel. 87 428 11 12 wew. 1


Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.