Attractions for tourists in Mazury


In the heart of Masuria, the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes in the picturesque Giżycko by the Łuczański Canal, there is located a Porto restaurant and hotel complex.



Boyen Fortress – is one of the best preserved monuments of defensive architecture of the 19th century in Poland, an object of exceptional historical interest.

Rotary Bridge on the Łuczański Canal – the bridge was built in 1860 to facilitate communication of the Boyen Fortress with the town, it was and is manually rotated by one man

Water Tower – Water Tower was built in 1900, today it is a vantage point, from where there is a view of the city and Niegocin Lake, there is a local museum and a cafe in the interior.

St. Bruno Hill – Hill commemorating the death of Saint. Bruno, who spread Christianity in the Masurian lands. His memory is a living legacy to many different nationalities. A vantage point of the Niegocin Lake.


Warmia and Mazury

Borecka Forest – (about 30 km from Giżycko) Wolisko – forester’s lodge, at which the European bison in a special pen with an observation platform can be observed.

Viaducts in Stańczyki – (about 80 km from Giżycko) double, resembling aqueducts of the Roman viaducts of the disused Gołdap -Żytkiejny railway line.

The Pyramid in Rapa – (about 45 km from Giżycko) The tomb of the Farenheit family in the shape of a pyramid with preserved bodies of the dead, which have been mummified. The pyramid stands for the point of power, the concentration of energy of the earth and the cosmos. 

Mamerki – (about 30 km from Giżycko) A large complex of bunkers from the Second World War, former headquarters of The General Command of Land Forces under the code name “Anna”.

Gierłoż – (about 30 km from Giżycko) Hitler’s war quarters -Wolf’s Lair

Saint Lipka – (about 45 km from Giżycko) Baroque church, the oldest pilgrimage site in Warmia and Mazury.

Reszel – (about 50 km from Giżycko) The castle of Warmian bishops built in 1350-1401, the parish church at St. Peter’s and Paul’s (1348), gothic bridges, a Jesuit college from the end of the 18th century, a pilgrimage route from Reszel to Święta Lipka.

Kadzidlowo – Wild Animal Park – (about 50 km from Giżycko) A private park with an area of about 100 ha located in the Piska Forest, in the Masurian Landscape Park.

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